måndag, september 03, 2007

Combining Information

It exists countless articles & blog entries about ADF, however, I have found that quite often do they not exactly cover the exact topic that I am looking for, but, if I combine a few of them they can often together build a solution that is useful for me.

For example, in most cases when you want to display a certain record, the easiest approach if to use a ViewObject with a bind variable and then use the executeWithParams approach, as described in Duncan's blog here:


Last week I was assisting one of our partners in a project, and they wanted to display a certain record, but they did not want to use this approach. Instead they wanted to set the selected record based on a parameter sent to the page, and set the record is something like an 'onLoad' event for the page. So, what we did here was to use the processScope variable as described in this article to send the parameter:


and then combining this with an ADF Page Phase Listener as described here to set the record:


The PagePhaseListener is implemented in the backing bean and this then uses the setCurrentRowWithKeyValue to set the correct row in the iterator, something like:

if (event.getPhaseId() == Lifecycle.PREPARE_MODEL_ID) {
AdfFacesContext afContext = AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
String myValue = (String)afContext.getProcessScope().get("myKey");
FacesPageLifecycleContext ctx = (FacesPageLifecycleContext)event.getLifecycleContext();
DCIteratorBinding iter = ((DCBindingContainer)ctx.getBindingContainer()).findIteratorBinding("

So, all-in-all, by combining 2 useful articles, I were able to solve the problem, even if no single article covered the problem.

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