måndag, augusti 20, 2007

New Semester, New Job

It's been a bit quiet here from the last weeks, but now I'm back from my holiday where I spent most of the time moving (and some renovation...) out from the city into a house on the country side about 50 kilometres south of Gothenburg. I am also starting a new job. I am joining Oracle's PTS group here in EMEA. Platform Technology Solutions, PTS, is part of Oracle's Server Technologies Product Development Division, and provides the shortest link between our Partners and key Customers and Oracle R&D. PTS ensures that members of the Oracle Partner Network are proficient in Oracle technology. That's the high level definition; exactly what my role will be in this mission will be carved out during the next few weeks. With this change in mind, I guess what I will be writing about here will also be changed a little, but I won't dwell about this now, instead, time will tell.

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