måndag, juni 04, 2007

About Rules and Execution Order

A question that pops-up from time to time is about Rules and execution order, i.e., is there a way to control the execution order of rules? There are technically two ways of doing this. The first way of obtaining this is by using rule priorities, the second is to use the ruleset stack.

However, I believe that using rule priorities in general should really be avoided, and is usually discouraged for two reasons; first, if will impact performance negative with respect to the built-in conflict resolution strategies. Secondly, it is considered bad style to use priorities in rule based programming to try to force a specific order. If you find yourself using priorities for most of your rules, then you should consider if using a rule based approach is really the best solution for your problem. If you want strict control over execution order, then you are really using procedural programming and not rule based programming.

If you still want to execution order, you should use the ruleset stack. This will be a more flexible solution than using a single ruleset and using rule priorities. How to do this is described in the Oracle Business Rules Language Reference, section 1.4.3 'Ordering Rule Firing'.

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