fredag, augusti 15, 2008

Summer Recap

Coming back from the holiday, I've noticed that several interesting things have happened with my domain of interest. So, I'd thought I'd make a recap over some of the stuff that's happened.

BEA Acquisition

I guess no one has missed this. For those of us working in the Middleware area I believe that this is really good news. For sure, some of the products do have an overlap, but what's more important is that the BEA stack will fill in some of the gaps that I think we have had in the past in our middleware stack. I won't dwell more on this now, but will get back with more details in later posts. Most of the information about Oracle & BEA can be found here.

One link that I'd just like to highlight is the Partner Frequently Asked Questions (quite obvious as I'm working with our strategic partners...).

New Products

As always, being away for a few weeks will give a list of new and interesting products to use. Here is a short list of some of the highlights in my opinion:

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