måndag, juni 16, 2008

Coherence 3.4 Developer Pre-Release Available

The Coherence 3.4 developer pre-release is now available for download. Please note that this release is only available via Oracle MetaLink for customers with CSI numbers.

Some of the new features are:
  • Coherence C++ API
  • New Coherence Serialization Framework
  • New and Improved Coherence Data Grid Functionality
  • Management Framework Enhancements
  • and many, many more...
Please refer to the release notes for a full list & complete details on the new features

To obtain the Oracle Coherence 3.4 Developer Pre-Release 1 product, logon to MetaLink and lookup Note 602553.1 and follow the directions.

For further details about the Oracle Coherence 3.4 Developer Pre-Release please refer to this OTN page.

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