tisdag, november 27, 2007

Building a Web Service from a XSD using JDeveloper 11

A few days ago I wrote a post about building a Web Service from a XSD using JDeveloper As a result of this I got a mail from Gerard Davison who informed me that this will be even easier in JDeveloper 11 using the WSDL editor and the top down generator:
  1. Create a new WSDL
  2. Put the XSD somewhere nearby in the project
  3. Tile the editors
  4. Pick up the country info element and drop in the empty "PortType" column. The tool will prompt you for the name of the portType, and generate a single operation that takes this types as the input and output message.
  5. Pick up and drop the portType on the binding, then the new binding on the services column. You should now have a valid WSDL
  6. Now use the generate Java web service from WSDL wizard.
This will now generate all the right code and binding classes in one step without you needing to do any JAXB work.

Thanks a lot for the information Gerard!

It also turns out that we are having a demo for this on OTN, check the one under 'WSDL Editor New Features'.

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