onsdag, augusti 16, 2006

How do to Make JDeveloper Keep the Wrapper Code for EJB's for Debugging Purpose

Sometimes it is useful to have the wrapper code for EJB's for debugging. This code is not generated by default, but you can have JDeveloper generate it for you.

The wrappers are not generated during compilation, but during deployment. The easiest way to get hold of them is to run the EJB in the embedded OC4J server, this will cause a deployment to take place, and the wrappers will be generated.

You also need to set a switch for them to be generated. To do this you go to Project Properties -> Runner, and add the following switches:
-DKeepWrapperCode=true -DWrapperCodeDir=d:\tmp

and the wrapper code will be generated into whatever directory you specified with the -DWrapperCodeDir switch.

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